2002 Porsche 911 Carrera

For consignment, and speaking from behind its wheel experience in the performance… a true race machine.  From its handling, braking, acceleration, and best of all, menacing sound that only a flat 6 can produce, it has an all in over 200K of work to build it.  The title says it’s a 911 but we are going with a 996 due to it being water cooled.  A slew of extra parts are included with the purchase including brakes & hubs, driveshafts, spare doors and a cool suit just to name a few.  


The standard 996 sleek aero look in racing trim which for now is white background and a blue arrow stickers facing forward.  “Fried egg” headlights are smoothly inserted into the front quarters.  The main difference from a stock 996 is the addition of a mechanical rear spoiler which adjusts in its angle to speed and under braking flips vertically to aid in the stopping power.  No glass is in for the doors but all other glass is nearly perfect.  In front, the fenders have been shimmed slightly to increase aero efficiency.  The rear fenders have an extra brace in the roll cage so the fenders do not collapse during close quarters racing and run the risk of cutting a tire.  18-inch OZ racing wheels are wrapped in front with 225/40R16’s from 2016, and on back 295/30R18’s from 2017.  If you want to go racing you’ll need a window net.  Otherwise ready to drive on the street!


Pure racing weight loss with no door panels, a full on roll cage designed by Vision MotorSports, and single QRT racing seat by SPARCO with helmet side support.  You will also need 5 point belts to go racing as it currently is without.  The dash has an AIM digital instrumentation to keep track of all the vitals and it has shock sensors.  The steering wheel is a quick removable kind for easy, (sic), access and egress!  All mechanicals are open for easy access to aid in any emergency repairs, including the shift linkage which is beautify engineered. All very clean and accessible.


In back stuffed into the engine bay is a racing engine in a 3.6 liter form.  It was totally rebuilt to HC race specs and all efforts were made to squeeze every 10th of horsepower out of it.  It has a custom ECU as well as custom tuning and runs on race fuel.  Fuel is delivered by EFI.  On back is a rebuilt and blueprinted race spec G50-20 transmission, a 6-speed manual, coupled with a racing clutch and a Tilton trans pump.  To spin the heck out of the rear tires is a 3.44 limited slip differential.  The engine has a custom stainless steel exhaust which just screams flat 6 when pushed.


Riding on independent suspension a few goodies have been added such as JRZ adjustable shocks, Eibach Springs, and Shock Sensors.  Power disc braking has plenty of Woah! factor.


After a struggle to get my 64 year old ass into this thing, let me tell you it was SO worth the effort!  It  jumps quickly to life with a mighty roar and you immediately know you are behind the wheel of something special which has been meticulously thought out by experts.  The car took off and I literally could only get it into 3rd gear as I just ran out of space.  It handled like it was rails and the braking is unlike anything I’ve ever driven and that says a lot after experiencing several thousand cars.  As I finished and had an audience of onlookers I eventually got out, and for the next several hours was on an adrenaline high.  It’s that good…actually GREAT!

Probably one of the best values for the money as the car has literally over 200K of documented expenses put into its original build.  It is track ready and street legal and goes like a hurricane wind.  Need I say more?  Ok I will say it comes with lots-o-extra parts, and now I’m finished.

Price: $46,000

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