VIN# WPOCA2995XS650075 Wicked Motor Works is the Leader and Pioneer, in the Customized Modifications of Porsches and other Exotic Sports Cars. Here, I have a Porsche 996 Twin Turbo TechArt GT2 Mega-Wide Wicked-7 Body Cabriolet PLEASE NOTE the body is a twin turbo look, the motor is the original non turbo motor), which is 11 Inches Wider then the normal Turbo Body. There is only one word that can describe this creation; “WICKED” Here is what they did: WICKED MOTOR WORKS took a stock 1999 Porsche 996 Cabriolet and we removed every body panel on the car apart from the doors. Then they ordered all Factory OEM Porsche Twin Turbo Front Fenders and Rear quarter panels. Once their Expert Fabricators installed the factory front fenders and rear quarter panels, they then went further, where no Porsche Custom shop has gone before, they added 2 inches on each of the front fenders and a whopping 5.5 inches to each of the rear quarter panel “in metal NOT fiberglass” by hand, in individual sections (this process takes 3 months). Once the front fenders and rear quarter panels were perfectly shaped, they began modifying the front techart style front bumper and rear turbo bumper and expanding them to accommodate the wider custom body as only WICKED can. Then they went to the Rocker panels, the rocker panels had to be customized to accommodate the extreme curves of the wide body. Then they installed their custom Wicked Type-3 hood with lines and contours to accentuate the lines and curves of the entire car. Finally, the last body part WICKED’s own GT2 Deck lid and Wing was installed. Once all the body work and modifications were done, they took everything off to paint them. Once everything was painted in parts, they then installed them on the car and prepped the car for 2 weeks before they began the painting stages on the car. This creation is truly a masterpiece and was on display at the 2006 L.A. Auto Show and Exotic Car Magazine. Here is what This Mega-Super-Car has: 2005 Porsche Twin Turbo GT2 TechArt Mega-WideBody Wicked-7 Super Car Look built on a 1999 Porsche platform. Featuring: Cross Drilled Rotors, Black Matching Brake calipers, Chrome Tips. The car is fully loaded from the factory with a Power Convertible top, Power Windows, Power ABS Braking System, Power Mirrors, Power Steering, Dual Power Sport Seats with Rear Hard Shells, AC System with climate control, Sony CD Stereo System, 4-Surround Airbags, Rear Fold down seats. They also customized the interior to enhance the Exotic Look of the Exterior; and updated the Steering Wheel to a 3-Spoke Leather Steering Wheel. They also updated the interior with Accents including the Center Console, the dash bezel, the cluster bezel, the AC vents, the door pockets, the door handles. The highlight of the car are the wheels, these wheels were custom made for WICKED for this wide custom car by HRE. They made a 19-Inch 3 piece Wheel. The Wheels are in chrome with a WHOPPING NEVER BEFORE SEEN 7″ lip in the rear WITH 355 Tires and 3″ Lip in the front. They could not go any wider than 13″ wheels in the rear and 9″ wheels in the front. This wheel and tire set up cost $8,500.00 but this car is all custom so there had to be modifications for the front to accept an 9″ wheel, so they had to move the front radiators forward so to allow the huge monster wheel to fit in the front. This car is truly one of the best creations WICKED had come up with.

Stuart, Florida, United States

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